My approach to Tarot is much different than a traditional

"in-person" or "on the spot reading". At a young age I figured out that I took on other people's emotions but I didn't know the word "Empath".



Later exploration in adulthood would lead me to understand my Human Design (which if you're interested in a whole other layer I'm happy to provide.) I essentially have very open centers in my body that allow me to hear and feel others in a way that 75% of the population doesn't. So, when I'm sitting with you while reading what the cards have to tell me, I'm not always getting what the universe is saying but rather, I am getting YOUR internal dialog to some degree. I've adapted to this by drawing cards with a person, or even with that person in my mind, and then stepping away to read the spread in private. This way I can do it in dedicated space not influenced in said ways.

I reference many books and various decks when I read. Certain book passages will "speak" to me as the information that needs to be imparted. I like to explain the imagery on the card, the numerology at play and what each of the suits speaks to in a reading. I then write all of this up and send it off for you to digest. I don't ask what it is you're trying to answer but I do ask that you concentrate on it at the time of the drawing.


* You will get a photo of your cards with a lengthy explanation via email within 3 days of the request.

If you are interested in asking questions via email or having a follow-up 30 minute call, I am available to you.



Choose From:
3 cards

Past, present and future reading, or a 4 card situation, obstacle, action, outcome reading.


5 to 7 cards

This includes more in-depth readings that includes past, present or future. We can explore obstacles, action and outcomes in the reading specific to what you are looking to have answered.


8 cards and above

These are readings that are much like a traditional celtic cross. Perhaps you want to know what the new year or your next birthday is going to bring? We can do a wheel reading addressing each month.