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8 Legged Arts


Spiders in many cultures brings luck. In Native American culture it is Grandmother Spider who created the world.

Currently focused on mixed media encaustic works on wood. Also, dabbling in photo manipulation, double exposure. Clearly, her love lies with trees.

She creates  at the in-house studio, energized by magic and nature. Currently work is unavailable for purchase.

For your viewing pleasure, thanks for stopping by.



Her creations are an extension of the love for found objects. Much like a magpie she walks through the world with an eye out for shiny things on the ground. Keys, washers, leather, chain can all be incorporate into wearable art. Please inquire to purchase available pieces and/ or request a commissions. If you're in Vermont, swing by the 3 Sisters Gallery to shop her work in person. The only place 8 Legged Arts can be found today!

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