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Healing Therapy
  Solfeggio Frequencies



Tibetian Singing Bowls are most familiar to people first learning about healing frequencies. We are all made of vibration, like any instrument we need tuning.

The solfeggio frequencies are part of a six-tone scale. Every tone comprises frequencies necessary for balancing energy, keeping the spirit, mind, and body in a perfect form of harmony. This is accomplished with actual tuning forks, thus I like to say "forking."

The six main frequencies are;

  • The 396 Hz for liberating one from fear and guilt

  • The 417 Hz frequencies for facilitating change and undoing situations

  • The 528 Hz for miracles and transformations like DNA repair

  • The 639 Hz frequencies for relationships and reconnecting

  • The 741 Hz frequencies for getting solutions and expressing themselves

  • The 852 Hz frequencies for returning one to a spiritual order

  • The 963 HZ frequencies create room for oneness and unity

If you are interested in asking questions via email or having a follow-up 15 minute call, I am available to you.

Choose From:
30 Minutes

Spend 30 minutes in a relaxed state bathed in sound. Allow the tones to move through your body, aligning chakaras leaving you feeling refreshed and grounded.

75 Minutes

Talk session before and after to address what energies specifically or traumas stuck in the body. We can focus on an area and finish with an alignment.

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