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Leslie Blair Graham is a gypsy soul, artist and student of old esoteric practices like Tarot, Wicca & Feng Shui. She likes to use all of her magic to help clients transition in their lives. She also recommends owning at least one wig.

Leslie has been lucky to let her soul guide her way on adventures through this big juicy life. She came to energy healing after a long journey of her own feeling stuck, depressed and without purpose. Her alchemy began at Burning Man; she likes to say, "the dust gets inside and changes you."  


She has spent time working with other light workers and feels her gift for healing comes through her best via sound and the re-organization of space. There are more studies coming all the time about both of these areas. For example, clutter causes depression and the "right" sound frequencies elevate mood and lower blood pressure.

She recommends reading, "The Intention Experiment" by Lynne McTaggart if you really want to understand how we're all connected. How we can change the world if join the positive intentions of collective consciousness.

She has not ruled out writing a book based on meeting her husband on Craigslist or working for the family of 4 with 67 employees. That will have to be under a pseudonym!

She spends her days exploring the PNW. She misses her Frenchie everyday who taught her to come at thing with humor and if that fails, then your butt.

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